MacBrick - v2.50

Download: 68K Version 2.50
The Motorola 68000 version runs with nearly any Macintosh up to a OS 8 version. A display resolution with 640x480 in 256 colours is required. Better is thousands of colors.
Download: PPC Version 2.50
The PowerPC version runs with any Macintosh with a PowerPC processor and a Mac up to OS 8. You need a minimum of 256 colours. Better is thousands of colors. 
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This is the latest version of MacBrick!

This game has fantastic possibilities, which will draw all of your skills!
There are 120 different levels (and you can design yourself even more!) with compressed action!
You are able to manage this challange alone or with (or against) your friends!
100 simultaniously displayed objects will produce a high-speed arcade game, which you have never seen on a Macintosh  system yet.
There are also 31 different extras (including rockets, bombs, extra balls and so on).
But beware: Not every extra is a good extra...
A special feature is the possibility to play the game with two opponents.
In this case, you are able to play with two mouses / trackballs (connected to the ADB port), joystick and keyboard (and all different combinations)!
Wooow, thats a real action game!


Two player mode.. 

Or the ordinary one player mode..