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Registrations by letter or fax
How can I find the registration form?

Registrations by letter or fax

Send the registration form to:

Jochen Merz Shareware - Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 302 - 47169 Duisburg - Germany

or fax it to: +49-(0)203-50 15 17


 Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or Diners Club):
 We need:
 Card number, Card holder, Expires: MM/YY, Card verification code
 (Reverse side of the card, Signature field, 3-digit group at the rightmost side of your card number)

 Cash Money (EUR or US$)
 Travellers Cheque in EUR or US$
 Other Checks in EUR
(must be related to a german bank, otherwise you have to add an additional EUR 9.50!!!)
 International postal money order (ask the post office or your bank)
 International reply coupons (ask the post office: 1 Coupon = 1.02 EUR or US$ 1.-)

 For your safety, please send the letter registered!

 Customers, who do not live in Europe:

 Even if you order in Germany, we will process your registration in the USA.

 More Information:

 We hope, that we have answered all your questions.
 If you still have questions concerning payments/orders, please contact:

Jochen Merz Shareware - Kaiser-WilhelmStr. 302 - 47169 Duisburg - Germany
Phone:. +49-(0)203-501516
Fax:      +49-(0)203-501517
WEB site:


At the moment, we can send you our software only via email until further notice.
We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


Please see our Online Order Sites of each game for the current prices.
You do not have to order online, if you only want to have a look at the prices!

You can also find the prices on the order forms of the newest shareware.

How can I find the registration form?

  • When the program starts, it will show the registration form within the help file.
  • Within the program you may choose '?' / 'Readme'
  • Within the program press 'F1' and choose the 'order form' option at the bottom.
  • Please use the registration form from the current shareware you can find at these WEB sites !!!