Request Update addresse


We are happy to have you as our valued customer! To be able to get you the correct update address, we need some registration data from you.

You'll find the registration number either on the sent floppy disc, or in the program's information menu: Start the program, Press F10, note the registration number below "Registered to" which is something like:

J. Doe 012345

Please note: You can only request update addresses from products you have registered!

My data:
Reg. no:
Name & familyname:
Street (if changed):
Address (if changed):
You may add a comment here:

After sending this request, you'll get shortly the update address vie eMail (please note that we need up to 3 days to process your request!
In the event, that you do not hear from us again, try it again later. 
Thank you for choosing Soft&Fun!